Friday, 20 December 2019

The Anatomy of Stillborn Congress Communist CAA NRC Campaign

The anatomy of a Protest in a democracy has a short half-life. The appetite for idealism fades very quickly as things start to catch fire. It is exactly this that has played out since the Narendra Modi BJP led NDA Government shanghaied the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 through both houses of the Parliament in brute majority!

As arson, mob violence, shooting moves up the escalation ladder people want to go back to procreating, paying mortgages and their kids college fees. They don’t want nervous excitement beyond a day or two. The appetite for violence is 
limited even through the myriad anger and frustration of causes sometimes leads the silent, employed, taxpaying majority to seek a momentary catharsis in it.
That moment came and passed leaving an ugly reality of scorched street littered with burning tyres, torched police and private vehicles. The casualties were both hapless policemen and stone pelting, arsonist lynchmobs often infiltrated with criminal sociopaths to foreign intelligence moles depending on who you believe. As nervous exhaustion sets in, both CAA and NRC protest is stillborn. Malcontents in the Muslim ghettos of the mind will remain but for illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh and the Rohingya, the future in Indian cities looks less than promising.

The Indian Muslims lost a huge opportunity to stand up and be counted and better their lot in employment, education and healthcare. Instead they behaved predictably and were used and thrown by foreign interests and political agents as is their won’t since the 1857 Mutiny, Khilafat, and 1947 Partition.

Our Muslims need their own leaders not commission agents, Congress, Communists, Uncouth Mamata, Bhim Army and other opportunist constructs. They need to get out of the ghettos of the mind and into the mainstream as a proud and prosperous community.

Congress and Communists and their clones like AAP, SP, spread in sporadic corners of India in Muslims votebanks behind the scorched earth campaign are all in a spot of bother. As Police moves to register cases and preventive detention using the ubiquitous Sec 144 of the Indian Penal Code to kill the protests, it is a bonfire of vanities for many in the old Macaulay Orphan narrative gravy train carrying intellectuals, influencers and media. Not only Modi and Shah stood firm and they have won the battle of wits.
Of course the devil is in the details. Babudom nearly did mess it up for the BJP but now the knives are out for them too both in the Intelligence Agencies and Internal Security corridors across the Home Ministry in Connaught Place to the PMO in Raisina Hill. There is a massive law enforcement and intelligence operation to ensure things don’t go out of hand. The usually boring Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is doing more than spew crusty socialist gruel with its PIB firing on all cylinders with myth busters on CAA / NRC. This is going down all ducks in row, tic tac toe.
Lastly on the media and influencers, a majority of whom read this badly. Terrorist attacks don’t have the potency of partition violence memories, lying latent in most Indians today of immigrant origin. People want peace and order. Not Police in riot gear brandishing MP5 submachine guns and Glock pistols with safety’s off. They want to go back to the familiar landscape of lazy outrage over Rape, Economy and Bollywood and Netflix Shows.
He who dares wins! Take a bow Amit Shah !

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Popular Support Fades As Scorched Earth Campaign of Congress and Communists Tanks

Congress and Communist slide into the dustbin of history continues as the violent protests knock the bottom out of popular support. Each such trojan will polarise the injured Hindu into the BJP Camp. The scorched earth campaign shows the existentialist crisis in both regarding illegal immigrant muslim Votebank purportedly threatened  by CAA,

The real crisis for the Congress and Left is the NRC. Also the real target of these violent protests engineered to somehow stall or prevent it from going through. While nobody has seen the NRC Draft Bill, its ghost has started hounding both.

The passage of the NRC is imminent. Sooner or later it will be revealed, hopefully with better communication unlike the CAA. Go through it will for Modi and Shah will not fritter the majority mandate to achieve their political goals, communicated in the BJP Manifesto.

Expect more violence and muscular policing and arrests to minimise effects of this campaign. Expect arrests in both Congress and Communist leadership as Intelligence led operations expose the contours of this sinister campaign.

The support for this campaign will evaporate as those misled into false premise causes realise that they have been had under false premise and social engineering. Hopefully with minimal casualties and loss of public property.

The maximalist positions on social media that have led to many a unfriending and arguments will fade into embarrassing silence.

The media and the influencers too have learnt their lessons on manufactured unrest. One remains buoyant on the wisdom of the Hindus, as India is reclaimed by Bharat from McCaulays half breeds compromised by colonial slavery.

The CAA, NRC and UCC represent the impulse of a people to reverse demographic invasion and purge regressive Islamist culture and practices from the national identity. They also represent election promises of the BJP to its voters who brought it to such rare majority mandate in Indian politics. The muscular numbers mean easy passage of legislation in both Houses of Parliament.

The rise of Bharat from the ashes of colonial India must see a robust framework for Internal Security buttressed by reform on Immigration, Citizenship, Police and Intelligence. Both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have done that in this Government what was outstanding from the Independence of India in 1947.

The RSS often sullied by those compromised by their colonial upbringing has proven to be the nursery of leadership. It has done more for nationalism than all political movements in contemporary history both pre and post Independence and the unfortunate partition midwifed by Colonial Britain with ulterior motives and Hinduphobia.

Provincial political movements, caste, language and other fissures are today being filled over by a brutal globalisation. It is in this cauldron of competitive interests that someone has dared to attempt nation building and sovereignty. That is rare. That must be lauded for daring, for resourcefulness and for steel nerves.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Note to Students Misled into Congress Communist Propaganda on CAA

Note to students getting appropriated into bent political causes.

Don’t get misled by #Congress #Communist #Propaganda on #CAA.

The CAA has no consequence for any existing Indian #Citizen. Yes that includes #IndianMuslims too!

It applies only to #persecuted religious #minorities fleeing from neighbouring countries into India by supplying a framework for #naturalisation of these #oppressed people.

The fear among #illegalimmigrants including those from #Bangladesh and #Rohingya should be from #NRC and not CAA.

This is not a bad thing for they disturb #indigenous communities and people who have first right over taxpayers money and resources. They also brig regressive #misogyny and #Islamist #Sharia contagion.

Today #Assam has a 25% change in ethnic and religious character given this creeping #DemographicInvasion.

Please take the #bellyaching and #lazymoraloutrage in the West with a pinch of hypocrites colonial salt. It doesn’t add up when you see the regressive #immigration regimes and their racist, #religiousprofiling.

As a #sovereign country, India is well within its rights to who it grants citizenship. The #CitizenshipAmendmentAct is #legislation duly approved by both Houses of #Parliament.

Please don’t get appropriated by #dodgycauses. Save your beautiful idealism for worthy causes.

(A Former fiery, idealist, easily misled media secretary of Mandal Commission agitation AMCF in the DU of 90s)

Monday, 16 December 2019

As Modi Shah move India to Bharat, Congress Clones Stoke Communal Unrest

In a sense, the arson, destruction of public property and ensuing law enforcement action have highlighted the unfinished agenda of the religious partition of India and Pakistan.

Archaic views, political votebanks, societal fabric are all suddenly being probed for gravities of the bloody partition, colonial slavery first Mughal, the British, European. #Article370 Revocation, Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 #CAA , imminent National Register of Citizens #NRC and Universal Civil Code #UCC are the promises made by Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) RSS - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to the people.

As #India nee #Hindustan becomes #Bharat many who are enslaved by their Votebank and narrative are creating mayhem on the streets. Make no mistake, this is not a status quo #UnionGovernment. Many are finding out from Assam to Jamia about its iron fist in a velvet glove on #lawenforcement. It has massive support, numbers in both Houses of Parliament, and a sworn agenda for #reform #governance and #development.

#Dissent and #Opposition is great as is #FoE but #fakenews and #presstitutes are not. Those carrying water for political interests of #Congress and #Communist clones and combinations thereof are suddenly being called out. There are no free lunches in life!

Beware of the believer!

Friday, 4 October 2019

Welham Boys' School, Dehradun to host Military History Seminar

 The Welham Boys' School, Dehradun will host the 3rd edition of the annual Military History
 Seminar on the 4th - 5th of October 2019. Having taken the initiative to expose their students to
 India's post-Independent history on a regular basis almost three years ago, Welham Boys' has
 been inviting students across the country to also share in the experience and expand their own
 horizons. Last year, syndicates comprising a team of five students from a record 39 schools from
 across India participated in the 2nd Military History Seminar. 'The Welham Initiative is a well-
 deserved sobriquet. For a School to take it upon themselves and conduct this event on an annual
 basis speaks volumes for its commitment towards nation building. You have some of the most
 sought after people who are among the resource people interacting with students and the take
 away for participating Schools is indeed most remarkable,' said KVK Murthy, who had made a
 presentation on the complex geo-politics of Central Asia last year.
 In this year’s edition, the Chief Guest is Air Marshal K C Cariappa, the son of India's first Army
 Chief who himself did his formative years at Welham Boys' before moving to Lawrence School,
 Sanawar. Later, having joined the IAF, Nanda while flying a Hawker Hunter during the 1965 Indo-
 Pak War, ejected over enemy territory and was then a Prisoner of War. Gield Marshal Ayub
 Khan, the President of Pakistan famously sent General (later, Field Marshal) Cariappa a message
 saying he needn't worry, his Son would be looked after. General Cariappa promptly replied that
 all Indian POWs with Pakistan were his Sons and he expected Ayub Khan to look after all of them.
 Taking the inspiration from Field Marshal Cariappa's response, the opening talk show focuses on
 “Ethics and Leadership”. The opening segment will be anchored by the highly acclaimed author
 who has done yeoman work in the field of military history, Shiv Kunal Verma. The other
 participants in the discussion, along with Air Marshal Cariappa, will be Mr. Darshan Singh,
 Chairman, Welham Boys' School, former air chief , Air Chief Marshal AY Tipnis and Colonel Vivek
 Sharma, the present commandant of RIMC.
 It is a unique opportunity where resource people who are stalwarts, will all come together to
 share their experience and ideas with our students – the future generation. Dr. Bindra pledges
 her commitment to the nation by asserting that “Each edition of the Military History Seminar
 gives an opportunity to set higher benchmarks by delving in topics of acute concern, celebrating
 real life heroes and promoting informed citizenry”.
 Lt General Rakesh Loomba along with Grp Captain Johnson Chacko, a former MiG 25 pilot, and
 Wing Commander Rajesh Khosla, who specializes in photo interpretation, will discuss the
 importance of Military Intelligence.
 Artists from various schools will use their medium to put their message across while an
 innovative slogan writing contest will also be held. Under the tutelage of Shibani Arora, the WBS
 music teams are planning renditions that will further enhance the experience of student

 Lt General KJ Singh, former Western Army Commander, will make a presentation on three
 Indians who fought Aurangzeb at the same time - Shivaji, Lachit Bhorphukan and Guru Govind
 Singh - before aiding the Government of the Day in a Parliamentary Debate on an Integrated
 Command system for the future. The Opposition will be guided in its counter by a top cop from
 Kerala, Mr. Sudesh Kumar, who has specialized in Coastal Security post the 2008 Mumbai
 One of the biggest names in conservation, Bittu Sahgal (Publisher of Sanctuary Asia and the man
 responsible for 'kids for tigers' movement, will be talking about the Armed Forces and
 Conservation, reiterating that the threat to the country from within is perhaps just as dangerous
 than any external threat.
 Lt General Mohinder Puri, who played a key role during the Kargil War, will introduce a film on
 Kashmir - Baramula to Kargil – that gives an idea of the existing ground situation in the Valley.
 Another presentation, on the Pt 5700 Battle by Gen KH Singh, that was fought in the Turtuk
 Sector in 1999, will also be held.
It has been an Education for all of us. There is no doubt in my mind that the younger generation is indeed more than ready to be exposed to critical subjects like Military History which unfortunately does not from a part of our present curriculum. French Children know their own French Military History, similarly for the Germans, English and American Children, and so on; so why is it that Indian Children do not know of our Military History? Hopefully the day is not far when it will be an integral part of our Educational System; says Darshan Singh, the person who is behind the movement.
Air Chief Marshal AY Tipnis will preside over the closing ceremony on October 5

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Uri Euphoria to Pulwama Despair: How Paralysed Security Reform Made Modi Lose Face in Kashmir

Carnage at Pulwama

Someone wise, once said, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

For the ill-fated Paramilitary, CRPF men in that damned convoy, the road to Srinagar was paved with a JeM' IED. Unarmed men returning to their posts from leave, blown up in cold and wet infamy, on the Jammu Awantipura Highway.

The carnage at Pulwama was broadcast by media in a Kafkaesque image strewn with body parts and metal smithereens. The media, as is won’t made the attack spectacular, amplifying JeM (Jaish e Mohammad) Social Media propaganda. Let's add to that the mobile phone voyeurism of death, blood and gore. Lessons not learnt included convoy security protocols, intelligence and information warfare failure.

Cries of kin: widows, old parents and children in grief and mourning, are a sad consequence of the strategic policy failure in Kashmir.

Despite blunt promises of revenge by Modi Cabinet and a CCS (a Cabinet Committee on Security, bereft on any domain experts in Security or Military Uniform) there is an air of alarm. The mood of the nation is sombre as the bodies of the CRPF men arrive for cremation across India's many States. 

The Populist Mercenary Road That Lead to The Pulwama Ambush

The Indian Army' Special Forces led Surgical Strike post Uri had become an echo chamber of self-congratulation and political marketing for Narendra Modi and BJP. 

The monumental blunder of  Modi’s opportunistic alliance with soft separatist Mufti and PDP, saw anger and disaffection, in loyal Jammu and Ladakh, both key BJP constituencies, betrayed for power. 

There was an air of putting civilian casualties and collateral damage over the lives of soldiers. This reflected in mollycoddling on Terrorist sympathisers and Over Ground Workers (OGWs) by Security Forces, and Intelligence Agencies long accustomed to throwing money at both Hurriyat and other separatists in self-defeating strategy, that made Army, CAPF and Police lives dispensable, like cannon fodder, in Kashmir. 

The inexperience of a Chief Minister of non-martial State like Gujarat, propelled to the role a Prime Minister and rest of the NDA2 Cabinet, full of weak leaders without popular support or competence, in Defence and Finance, has obtained the current security scenario of impotence and public anger. This was seen post 26/11 Mumbai Attacks as well as Uri, and Pathankot.

The Modi journey from sincerity and Achhiniyat, to failure hasn't been without brief periods of luck. Despite the obvious poor judgement calls, no lessons were learnt after Uri, Pathankot and Nagrota. The Nehruvian babudom that plagued Congress, continued to resist all attempts at Police, Intelligence and Defence reform, successfully in BJP too run, directly by Modi. 

To add injury to insult, the Indian Army reputation was also tarnished in Kashmir by Ram Madhav and Mehbooba Mufti, which saw several Rashtriya Rifles (specialist counterterrorism and counterinsurgency Indian Army unit) troops doing their jobs, court-martialled, and implicated falsely in cases, which they sadly continue to fight to date. 

A political appointee, Army Chief that lowballed legitimate demands of his men in media, and an Army Commander that had to apologise, for soldiers and officers doing their job, destroyed troop morale. Brave and tough, battle hardened men of raw courage who did not balk or retreat in the face of certain death have kept Kashmir in India. This has come at the cost of huge sacrifice, lives of dependents and family destroyed, this despite the treachery and incompetence of our politicians and bureaucrats.

Defence Reform Paralysis

Defence Reform has remained paralysed in the Modi Government. Starting from the distasteful twin-forked tongue of Arun Jaitley, the patron saint of Lutyens Babudom, and points further to ineffectiveness of well-meaning Manohar Parrikar. 

The current, woman empowerment, lightening rod, Raksha Mantri (RM) in Nirmala Sitharaman, is a controversial figure, and one of the worst NDA2 Defence Ministers, in decades. She has seen huge media criticism on Defence budget, plagued yet by the non-delivery of OROP (One Rank One Pension). 

The RM has a penchant for poor decisions coached no doubt by wily MoD bureaucrats inviting controversy galore from criminal omissions like denial of NFU (Non Functional Upgradation since given to CAPFs / Paramilitary but not Military). 

The Defence Procurement paralysis has seen a chronic inability to equip the Army with an assault rifle, Infantry squad weapons, and body armour. Other apathy concerns funds for perimeter protection of military installations and garrisons, among a long angry list of unfulfilled legitimate asks. 

The latest howler has been allowing civilian non-combat MoD staff in military, unit-run canteens. Telescoping of ranks and knee jerk cuts in senior fighting ranks has created a discomfort in military experts, raising questions on both competence, and intent of austerity.

In this self-inflicted injury to MoD (Ministry of Defence) image, the list of commissions that have hit Army morale is equally long starting with controversy over opening of military cantonments to civilians, creating an avoidable security crisis in peace areas. 

The degradation of Military rank, equivalent status of the fighting man, relative to the bureaucrats in MoD has only worsened under the  Modi led BJP. The HQ IDS' whitewash of Land, Air and Water Forces in jointness remains stuck in criminal indecision. 5 years of NDA2 saw zero integration of Army, Air Force and Navy, without the creation of a single Military Commander or CDS. 

The aggressive litigation by MoD against Widows, Veterans and disabled soldiers has created huge perception damage for a Government that came to power on a nationalist and security mandate. 

Tail wagging sycophants were appointed as top brass, abdicating their command for self-serving patronage, and post retirement gubernatorial largesse. This shows in bad decisions and sycophancy in a politically polarised Military brass that is unable to speak with the straight spine, required for military realism.

The debilitating narrative of Nehruvian import substitution is back in Modi's lexicon as MakeInIndia, another lemon sold to a NDA2 Government, that promised Defence Reform, but has since been paralysed in Defence Procurement, and one that saw the lowest Defence Budget since the humiliating 1962 China Debacle. 

A direct consequence of this failure of defence reform is an inability to fulfil desperate needs of a fast ageing military with 70 per cent obsolete equipment.  Indirectly, it eats up a huge pie of the defence budget, which could then be redeployed for capital acquisitions to modernise the Military. This inability to shed fat from MoD civilian bureaucracy and soviet era DPSUs (Defence Public Sector Units) and OFBs (Ordnance factory Boards) has resulted in scandalous fatalities in the Military. Defence Production is defective, poorly maintained equipment and dangerous ammunition, the bane of the fighting man putting at risk his life and limb.

Modi's Reform Blindspot called Babudom

Modi for all his canny gifts is unable to break, either by himself, or through the sizeable lateral talent base in BJP (and larger RSS organisation) the socialist mediocrity, mafia of Babudom. Generalist clerks with no accountability or domain competence- these colonial self-serving parasites have created a bureaucratic gridlock that blocks and constrains all reform, change and governance. 

A poor legacy for a man with achhiniyat but serial debacles due to bad advice and poorly thought through execution seen in Demonetisation, Fuel Price Deregulation and GST, among other big reforms. Inability to reform bureaucratic stranglehold in both MoD and MHA remains a red mark in the NDA2 report card. It has seen the image of Modi, BJP come to grief.

Asymmetric War denial

The Modi strategic security construct is practically run by a single policeman turned Intelligence Bureau veteran, in Ajit Doval, who has been appointed NSA. Doval is today the uncrowned security tsar of NDA2. While it is expected of a Prime Minister to choose his confidantes and his Security team, this is a fraud on the constitution of India. There is no legal legitimacy to the office of NSA, or its appropriation of of Police, Intelligence, Diplomacy and now strangely even the Military, given sycophant Service Chiefs and kowtowing top brass. 

A dozen Intelligence Agencies remain illegitimate entities without accountability, owing their existence to colonial executive orders and not enabling legislation, 70 years into freedom, and the Declaration of Independence. That they have no accountability beyond their political masters and are prone to be misused in intrigue doesn't inspire confidence in a Republic. 

This is a recipe for hiding failure and living in a schizophrenic echo chamber. There are no checks and balances that are a must in a democracy with a parliament. 

The brunt of Internal Security is unfairly borne by the Indian Army in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism. Left to fend for themselves without any political or bureaucratic cover. These Internal Security deputations for counterinsurgency and counterterrorism destroy both training and peacetime rotation of troops, retrofitted hurriedly, and poorly equipped into built up area warfare units like Rashtriya Rifles (RR) in Kashmir, and Assam Rifles (AR) in the North East. 

It is as if fighting the  Kashmir issue is a sole preserve of the Military and not the Central Intelligence and Security establishment of the PMO and MHA, or the self-serving MOD babudom. The life of every single soldier lost is one too many. 

The Home Ministry with its CAPFs remain only in charge of Maoist operations, where they fare poorly with mass casualties from repeat ambushes, given a divorce between parent cadres, and generalist IPS Babudom, foisted on top, as colonial brown sahibs. The resentment in the CAPFs lowers morale and results in headquarter mentality resulting in dangerous decisions far from the ground situation, that cause bloody carnages like Pulwama. 

Bureaucrats, who have not grown in parent organisations are also given to surrendering to the feckless opportunism of their political masters. A surrender of the kind that allowed diluted Security protocols that results in Convoys like the ill-fated CRPF one getting bombed and ambushed. This political appeasement render roadside security barricades, and the anti-infiltration grid ineffective against distributed asymmetric warfare attacks.

Weapons, Gear; RR Beggared to Fight Like Fidayeen

The troops of RR and AR remain poorly equipped with small platoon level weapons, troop transport and body armour, Helicopter as well as aerial intelligence support remain a missing piece, with Army Aviation facing rivalry from a turf conscious Air Force. This forces counterterrorism units to fight with worse weapons and resources than the suicidal Fidayeen they are tasked to kill in Kashmir. Same applies to other counterinsurgency operations in North East. 

Infowar, Abdication of Cybersecurity in Kashmir

That India despite its technology prowess fares badly in cyberwar shows the apathy and insolence of bureaucracy and politicians who don't do the dying or killing in Kashmir but whose incompetence and administrative mismanagement that bring about such scenarios in the first place!

Cyberwar as a component is a missing piece in Kashmir, with encryption based messaging being used to channel propaganda and Jihadi content, employed by ISI propped Tanzeems.

As Social Media fuelled information warfare is waged by the Pakistan Army and its proxies, generating and disseminating Jihadi propaganda, the security bureaucracy has no effective answers in either containment or denial of service, besides ham handed, Internet shutdown, outage that creates resentment in the population. 

The Wisdom of Crowds; Elections and Warmongering

It is a curious sight to see Government sponsored unrest on Television. The Modi led BJP is riding a tiger called outrage, this is the tiger that eats you when you try to get off its back. Between now and the 2019 General Elections, the Modi Government and Security establishment will play a game of chicken between votebank polarisation and limp retaliatory measures amplified by a phalanx of media hype, military brass making agreeable noises, and  select leaks to keep the pot boiling. The opposition despite the initial show of solidarity, has begun its own polarisation campaigns leading to the polls. 

The lack of defence reform and building of covert and subconventional warfare infrastructure, forces the non-choice of answering of asymmetric warfare defeats such a Uri, Pathankot and horrendous multi casualty Pulwama car bombing, by conventional warfare actions. This is along an already hot border that risks escalation and creates misery for populations living along the LoC due to indiscriminate shelling and firing .  

In the heady election jingoism on social media and the lazy war cries of myopic politicians to satisfy the blood lust of television talk show revenge, there are sobering realities. Realities like the fact that India has no Special Forces Command or covert cross border resources to prosecute such a campaign of righteous wrath. 

This sabre rattling without asymmetric war capability makes a long term policy of deterrence against subconventional war toothless. The escalation cycle up the nuclear bluff and the current geopolitics of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Chinese colonisation of Pakistan make all retaliatory options uncomfortable. 

The JeM claim to Pulwama is blunt and aggressive and represents a trend in escalation of Terrorism in Kashmir and points further. As America begins its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, it will be chary to support an Indian retaliation against Pakistan, its key blackmailer in the region controlling the Taliban. This is a return to the pre Musharraf days, and India is unprepared, its guard down! 

The retribution against the Pulwama provocation in the current state of preparedness scenario risks becoming a mass media whitewash just like the post Uri Surgical Strikes. This much hyped action has since proven inadequate messaging of intent for creating deterrence against the Pakistan Army deep state, now grandfathered by a revisionist China. 

Modi had the mandate, the money and the opportunity to prepare for such an eventuality but this was whittled in a lack of strategic realism and poor babudom advice. India remains at risk. Modi will not be able to shed the continued taint on security failure unless the future of Bharat gets emergency legislative Administrative, Police, Intelligence and Defence Reform. The rest is politics!

Last Updated: 21 February, 2019

Friday, 4 January 2019

Goodbye Gowri Kaka

The dreaded phone call
The mind recognised Hospital and passed away
Why didnt I call you this morning?
But then you couldnt speak any more.

Wasted away by an aggressive malady
Lungs, spine and beyond
A beautiful life left behind by a beautiful soul
Not much for relegious ceremony, a short roll into an electric furnace, and you were free.

Memories, impressions and associations will remain
Loved and lived, fought and hated
Wisdom and kindness
A million other things unsaid that will live on.

As the twilight descends the soul will persevere on
Those who loved you, and those you loved will remain
You seldom cried and maybe I will succeed too. Almost.
A reluctant terse Guru who became conscience.

A difficult relationship
Years of torment
Grudges, anger and quiet despair
An Officer, the stuff of lore
Always groomed and immaculately turned out.

An atheist who taught me Sanatan Dharma
My introduction to Patanjali Yogasutras
About coffee and wine
From your silences, I yet stole knowledge

Sometimes the reward of a little smile
A tone that was learning itself
Or the deprecating smirk
A shrug of the shoulder

A shared past to reconcile
No more phone calls for advice
A friend, a father and a critic
Goodbye Gowri Kaka!

The Anatomy of Stillborn Congress Communist CAA NRC Campaign

The anatomy of a Protest in a democracy has a short half-life. The appetite for idealism fades very quickly as things start to catch f...