Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Quick Analysis on Wikileaks War Logs Exposure

Quick Analysis on Wikileaks War Logs Exposure:

1. US security despite the Homeland rah rah is in tatters.
2. While we may want to believe that ISI complicity is old news, this is not the case with popular US public opinion. The said publications have been chosen carefully for their credibility and gravitas. What was known to the US strategic community & ISAF all along but placed it under no obligation to change anything, will now come under massive pressure following this exposure.
3. The news is bad for Pakistan, for is Army and by extension the ISI. They have been outed to the local American audience.
4. The news is good for Afghanistan, the war effort (as good as it can be with the Taliban at an all time high since 2001). Things will have a chance to work, as collateral damage and sensitivity to human rights will increase. Lesser innocents dead means better chances for peace!
5. The news for India and its interest in Afghanistan is again positive, as Pakistan duplicity is better known. After the Kabul conference, the news for India was grim. This forces a reckoning and possible opportunities in Afghanistan. Clearly there are lessons for the Indian strategic community, intelligence agencies and information security.
6. On a macro, this is good for ideals of democracy and despite media management, media independence has proven invaluable against lies, deceit and falsehood.

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Anonymous said...

"While we may want to believe that ISI complicity is old news, this is not the case with popular US public opinion."

What's the reason US government and media seem to be in constant denial ? While ISI collusion has been evident for years, the US keeps labelled Pakistan as "vital ally" in the war on terrorism.

While Pak supplied the Taliban, providing the bullets that kill US soldiers in Afghanistan, the United States provided hundreds of millions of dollars to Pakistan "to fight the terrorists" ?

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