Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ladakh Disaster Relief

As disaster strikes, INSANYIAT once again springs into action. As you may recall Insaniyat is a Delhi based NGO spearheaded by my mother, Dr. Naresh Trehan and Pam Kapoor. Its primarily involved with disaster relief work. It was formed in response to the Gujarat Bhuj earthquake in 2001 and has since provided disaster relief aid to people affected by the Kargil war and Andaman tsunami, amongst others.

In response to the recent mudslides and floods that have devastated Ladakh, an Insanyiat team, including my mother, is heading up to Ladakh along with relief supplies later this week. The National Disaster Management Authority will airlift the supplies from Delhi to Leh on Saturday, August 14 and the Insanyiat team will start distribution on Sunday, August 15.As per Insanyiat's mission statement, their team will personally distribute each kit, rather than pass them off to another NGO or civil authorities.

Insanyiat is taking 500 Family Packs. Our composite ' family pack' consists of a sleeping bag, tarpaulin, blanket, 13 piece set of steel utensils, kerosene stove, water purifier, jerrycan, bucket with mug, bath towel, toilet kit, nylon rope etc. In addition we are sending 20 High Altitude tents (12' x 12'). Each kit costs apprx. Rs. 2000 and each tent is Rs. 10,000.Any number of kits or tents you wish to sponsor with be greatly appreciated. Cheques can be made in favour of 'Insanyiat'. Donations in cash are also welcome.

Please send to the following address:
Roshni Khattar
Empire EstateHouse
#8 Sultanpur, MG road
New Delhi 110030

Thanks and take care,

Roshni Khattar 

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Panki soood said...

when everyone was running out of LADAKH ... i recived a phone call that INSANIYAT group is coming with loads of stuff to help out people and they need some VOLUNTEERS ....I HAVE SEEN this GROUP working in remotest area of LEH where hardly anyone have been .........and seen them playing with kids and making them smile and laugh ....HATS OFF TO INSANIYAT GROUP ..KEEP ROCKING AND HELPING

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