Tuesday, 14 September 2010

AFSPA Dilution & Politics Over Armed Forces: Whitewashing NC & Congress Failure in Kashmir

AFSPA is a legal framework for the state to raise its hands to say that its pants are down. Problem is the politicians, bureaucrats and other rats of the internal security jungle don't like to be told to stand down. The North East was where it came into play post notification in 1958. J&K as late as 1990, so clearly its a bullshit screen.

Because the Army has been every dhotiwala's whipping boy for ages! Natty little punk johnny come lately Omar thought he could hose the Army too and hide his report card, what he and his perverse backers in the Cong did not estimate was the backlash in its face saving planned for Omar/NC.

If loosening whatever little is left of governance in J&K, by means of diluting removing AFSPA, mounting pressure on Police (SOG), CPOs, is face saving for the NC, then who authorized this wet dream and under what mandate. This is not someone's inheritance. Last India was a democracy and there were such niceties as Parliament and debate.

The media, much of which willingly espoused this Congress gambit is equally stung by their inability to have read the pulse of public opinion and the resentment this perverse politicking with the AFSPA & Indian Army, seen by many as the last bastion of a clean institution and Indian's last line of defence.

While the CCS meeting held on 13 September saw a cabinet divided in the middle, the matter is far from closed. Let's us see what sleight of hand happens tomorrow in the all party meeting which never gets a Kashmiri Pandit representatives ironically. Burning their temples, denying their lineage, history and existence is okay in the Congress brand of secularism, while a retrograde Home Minister goes about talking on urban legends like Saffron Terror.

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