Saturday, 25 September 2010

Commonwealth Games New Delhi 2010 Imbroglio, Lessons & Non Effect

The last few weeks have seen the countdown to the Commonwealth Games 2010, a distasteful and sorry affair by most counts, forsaken by dissent within in the Government, and criticism outside both in the opposition and mainstream intelligentsia, assorted punditry and the usual apologists. 

As rubbish is heaped on India in its own media and now the foreign media, the former largely led by the colonies of the erstwhile British Empire, and its apologists still in mute disbelief of the fact that life and time has moved on from a once omnipotent state to one of penury, cutbacks and general misery. They have revelled in using the Commonwealth Games (CWG) as a stick to beat a resurgent India, with the coverage ranging from gratuitous to outright offensive.

It in itself wouldn't have stood for much but coming after all the good news on India as it basked unhurt in the meltdown of the last fiscals and all the tech services phallic projection, it is a big come down.

Life will go on, even the infrastructure gains from the CWG for New Delhi will be immense, as they will remain beneficial to a city led down by its own guardians.

Of all the red lines drawn in history, this too will become a footnote eventually, but when the clarity of history dawns, this government will go down as most corrupt, inefficient and bad for India. And it did happen conveniently on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's watch and whilst he may himself be clean, but a clean puppet is the most colossal fraud perpetrated by his handlers, and the most corrupt cabinet in India's recent governments. He has been used to launder some gross things that have gone on here.

No, I don't suppose anything will happen (like in 1962 Chinese defeat, 1984 Sikh riots, 26/11 terrorist attack and carnage), for the gravy train stretches from top to bottom. Some people will remember and the Congress needs to be reminded that it can be voted out, and it should for creating this infamy, on an otherwise law abiding, competent, successful and confident India shamed by this outrage.

The CWG are stillborn and no matter what glorious spectacles unfold, the Games seem beyond redemption. Lessons for everyone, people will not forget the Congress party for this.

India will continue, despite its government, it will prosper, succeed and thrive for its has known success and it is an easy penchant to follow, once you've discovered the spring in your stride.

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