Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kashmir, Privy Purses & An Insidious Indian Dynasty

As Home Minister, Chidambaram becomes the latest Government of India spokesperson to offer concessions to Kashmiri separatists, followed by a quick rejection, the gridlock of the Valley continues. The game of engagement has but one effect, the denigration of the authority of the Indian state and the raising of the profile of a body of scamps and Islamic radicals that have no elected status in glaring contrast.
Glaring stupidity gets compounded by concessions that should not have been given for breaking the law and rewarding traitors. The narrative of the valley will remain the same moral hazard till the Congress party wakes up to the reality of there being no solution in revisionism. If anything these will sow the seeds for the next rounds of protests.
The inaction on the plight of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits forced to exodus in their own country under genocide conditions stays ignored by India, the misery of Kashmiri Pandits stays brushed under denial, ironically highlighted by part measures only to Kashmiri Muslim separatists.

Kashmir should not and must not be above other Indian states and at their fiscal and statutory expense, Article 370 must go, all the foisted leadership fraud in the valley, the mentality of privy purses and monarchy have no place in a republic.
While the proposals for removing the AFSPA or its dilution through sleight of hand and sophistry that has become the hallmark of the Congress Party led UPA 2 coalition, have been put on hold due to massive opposition within and from the opposition parties, and an unprecedented and vocal opposition the the Indian Army, this remains an area of concern. A bogey raised often that needs to be called for what it is-a measure to lay the blame elsewhere.
There is no silver bullet solution to Kashmir, and the questions have all the ready answers only if we looked at the vision of the founding fathers and their yet valid statutes in the Indian Constitution, being sought to be replaced by half wits in the current Indian governance.

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