Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Toot Goes The Media Gravy Train - On the Wrong Side of History!

Those in the Indian Media on the wrong side of history, peddling Congress Government spin shamelessly, this is for you: 

What you can not comprehend, must be demonized.

What is upsetting the apple cart must be communal. 

What can not be understand must be discredited. 

Cynicism, justification and obfuscation, fortunately the people of India have seen through all this, and the lies have all come unstuck! 

Even if Baba Ramdev was RSS, what is so bad about the RSS? If you had intellectual problems with the RSS,  how do you derail an Anna?

Law & Order is a State subject, so what is Chidambaram doing as Union Home Minister (MHA) commenting on affairs of the Delhi State?
The shamelessness of Congress gets obscene. Chidambaram thinks that people are fools. Days of communal tinderbox comments and bullshit are over. When there was a real terror threat, this government did sweet fuckall, now they go and assault unarmed fasting protesters sleeping, like assasins in the thick of the night. The arrogance and the stupidity is palpable!
Another person who gets a lot of press is Digvijay Singh, a skilled practitioner of a pedestrian discourse, and lowly political techniques, a man of gambit, of despicable sacrifice maneuvers, coupled with a plausible denial. The Congress uses such gambits and such people, all the time, to discredit inconvenient opponents win cheap popularity with its Muslim vote bank or to appeal to other anti RSS scaremongers, brown sahibs and Left Liberals. How is it that no one in the media ever questions such communal and lowly discourse, the temptation to sensationalize wins over the need to learn to look beyond it and even counter it.
What about everything else that is wrong with the Congress Government from Oil Price Decontrol to Deficit Management to Inflation, to Corruption-2G, to Security, Terror Preparedness, to Extra-Constitutional power centers like the NAC that are a fraud on the constitution?

These are questions posterity will judge you on, and you better have some good answers or history will not forgive you! These are amazing times. Times of change, of monumental progress in the journey of Indian democracy, of secularism and of freedom itself.

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