Monday, 3 October 2011

Information Warfare in Kashmir, PMO, MEA, MoD and MHA all Asleep on the Watch!

Even after Fai, propaganda against India continues, through others Pakistani proxies like Basharat Peer, and several other such ISI plug manufacturers in the Kashmiri media, and even Kashmir correspondents for all mainline television and print publications. Indian copy cat liberals hardly realize as they are led down the garden (ISI) path in their misdirected fervour.

Majority of allegations of rape, murder and even this mass grave chimera remain platforms to incite rebellion and uprising among the emotional youth already hardwired to accept this bullshit as the gospel truth.

Strangely, the MEA and the MoD, as well as the rather chirpy press release intense MHA have all remained inexplicably quiet, as this lie is repeated often enough, so it starts feeling true.

There is a motivated, funded effort to somehow get Kashmir on the boil again, unfortunately the people who are supposed to watch and take care of things such, are again asleep on the watch.

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