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Motorcyle Safety Goes Together With Speed

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Motorcycle Safety Gear For Urban Riders & Touring in India

India is seeing a sudden influx of powerful motorcycles with higher engine capacity and capable of faster speeds. The condition of the roads and the education of our motorcycle riders have not kept pace.

The newer Motorcycles today are designed to have excessive performance capabilities, including especially rapid acceleration and high top speeds. They're less stable than cars in emergency braking and less visible.

Motorcyclists are more prone to crash injuries than car drivers because motorcycles are unenclosed, leaving the rider vulnerable to contact hard road surfaces. This is why wearing a helmet, riding gloves, proper shoes, and riding gear like pants and jackets is so important.

According to a recent WHO Study: 105725 people were killed on India’s roads in 2006. Hundreds of thousands more sustained non-fatal injuries, many left with permanent disabilities. Trend data over the last 40 years show an exponential rise in the number of road traffic crashes and injuries related to rapid motorization. In 2008 there were nearly 90 million registered vehicles – the majority of which are motorized two- and three-wheelers.

 It is unsurprising therefore to note that almost one-third of the road traffic fatalities in India are among Two and Three-wheelers, many of whom incur serious or fatal head injuries. Two-wheeler crashes contribute a significant proportion of road traffic fatalities and injuries in India. Compared with cars, motorcycles are especially dangerous. For every kilometer travelled, the number of deaths on motorcycles is about 10-15 times the number in cars.

The enactment and enforcement of helmet laws is an effective countermeasure to head injuries. While at a national level a helmet law exists, this law needs to be enacted through an order issued at a State level a notification made to the public in order for police enforce the law. This has not occurred in all States and as a result both enforcement and helmet wearing are poor in many States.

The World Health Organization’s report on traffic injury prevention documents that compulsory helmet use by motorized two- wheeler riders can reduce deaths by 30%-50%.

In India, there are both local and well as top international brands on sale. According to Prasad Divadkar of Performance Racing that caters to the top superbike and cruiser segment, “The Indian motorcycle accessory and gear market has a turnover of a few crores and potential to double and triple every year.”

Vicky Jaisingh his Partner at Performance Racing said, “The market is in infancy and over the next few years it will grow at a very fast pace.”

Shailesh Redij, Director of Ultimate Auto Impex, another distributor and importer of top segment superbike and cruiser customers like Harley said, “the combination of import duties, VAT and Octroi is a big constraint and forces us to sell at high prices, and constrains growth in the segment”.

Shrenik Porwal of Kamla Yamaha, one of the top dealers for Yamaha in India, himself an experienced rider, stressed the importance of safety for both young novices and experienced riders, and said,” It is important to avoid injury as it is the nature of motorcycling to be on two wheels and the fault might not even be yours.” Yamaha India provides many custom accessories to India customers including apparel, performance exhausts, petal disc brakes, sprockets and chains, etc.

Although sometimes the quality of material and workmanship leaves much to be desired in locally manufactured brands, even though these products may have the mandatory ISI™ mark. An Indian manufacturer that is bucking this trend is Cramster™. It is a manufacturer of riding gear as well as luggage and panniers.

Helmets are available from a few thousand rupees to a top of the line helmet with air vents and changeable inners that can be washed, as well as custom attachments for Bluetooth and wired speakerphones. Some well-known Indian brands are Vega, Studds, while foreign brands include AGV, Joe Rocket, Arai, Nolan, Shoei, and Alpinestars, etc.

Similarly gloves with basic knuckle protection again are available from a couple of thousand to water proof Gore-Tex and insulated gloves up to 5-10 thousand Rupees for premium leather and textile variants, and more as bells and whistles increase.

Boots for motorcycling easily available include SiDi, Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, etc. These will range from 4-5 thousand to the 20-30 thousand rupee bracket, depending on things like ventilation, water proof Gore-Tex, metal slider inserts, and quality of ankle protection inserts etc.

Jackets and suits include brands such as DSG, Scorpion, Joe Rocket, PowerTrip, Alpinestars etc. These will set you back anywhere between 10 to 50 thousand Rupees, depending on quality of material, vents, armour protection for spine, shoulders, elbows, knees, knee sliders etc. These days some are even available with airbags!

 Jackets, Pants, Riding Suits are again protective gear will help you stay comfortable while riding in adverse conditions. In a crash, proper riding gear will help prevent or reduce injury. "The Hurt Report" states that covering the body with leather or an abrasion-resistant fabric (e.g., Cordura®, Kevlar® or ballistic nylon) also provides a high level of injury protection. Protective apparel designed specifically for motorcycling will afford the best combination of comfort and protection.

The Hurt Report was the first comprehensive study on motorcycle safety, and its findings that two-thirds of motorcycle-car crashes occurred when the car driver failed to see the approaching motorcycle and violated the rider's right-of-way are still valid. The report also provided data showing clearly that helmets significantly reduce the risk of brain injury and death but with no increased risk of crash involvement or neck injury.

Some of the top players Motorcycle gear reselling in India including online orders include:

Performance Racing
Ultimate Auto Impex
Planet DSG
Bachu Motors

We wish you happy motorcycling, please remember to ride safe and always remember ATGATT: All the gear, all the time. Shorthand for a philosophy that complete motorcycle safety gear should be worn at all times, and gear should not be reduced at times when the perceived risk is less.

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