Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh: Another Smelly UPA Thing

1. There seems to be a considered view that appeasement of separatists is becoming passe, and their actions justified to some fuzzy cause other than full punch motivated Islamic insurgency funded and equipped by our schizophrenic friends in Pakistan.
2. Abdication of governance and allowing the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits is being finessed.
3. The development vacuum in Jammu and Ladakh, created by funding choked by nothing other than a rabid Islamic partisan stance in the State HQ against disenfranchised Zanskari & Ladakhi Buddhism, and the Hindu Dogra, Jammu areas, is being slow pedalled. The condition of roads, infrastructure beyond Kargil and the ongoing 30-year making of the Zanskar Chilling road will bear witness.
4. The use of Kashmir is being substituted for the Dogra Empire that was anything but homogenous. This is great disservice to the loyalty and history of a diverse people.
5. This is selective amnesia fueled by a political narrative of Muslim appeasement, with a hub and spoke extending from media, analysts, lobbyists like Fai, and other malcontent peaceniks on the gravy train.
6. It is both brave and ironic to see the 2 year window proffered before the on-and-off Islamic insurgency is refueled by Pakistan as men and material become available in post NATO, Taliban ruled Afghanistan by retired spooks, 'experts' and rented analysts.
7. The prescription seems to be abdication and special status, lest the insurgency might return. This cycle has repeated itself ad nauseum since 1948, yet both analysts and their unscrupulous vote bank pandering political master learn nothing and perpetuate the cycle.
8. The only people who bear the brunt are the Indian Army, as bodies pile up in the technical holds of Airports, yes yet, despite the claims of return of normalcy, and despite no fortnight passing without a let up on incidents on the LoC. External aggression from Haji Pir, Siachen to Kargil, 26/11 and points further will not stop, nuclear overhang or not. The plainspeak by General VK Singh in this regard has come at the correct time, be it on AFSPA or Siachen.
9. The US affinity to Pakistan will return, before or after the NATO logistics are restored. It is shockingly dishonest and disingenuous to suggest, that concessions and special status to Islamists in Kashmir will stop there. Those ignoring India’s empirical timeline and its experience in the Islamic oil soaked Middle East, will be revisited by its bloody curse, again and again, till they learn Israel’s and Russia’s lessons.
10. The current bonhomie between an outgoing Indian Prime Minister fervently manipulating one sided Indian concessions (from Siachen to abandoning PoK claims, Sir Creek, FDI, Liberalised Terrorist Visa), and a Pakistan using its often demonstrated pivot and swing games, forced in this instance by a tactical hostile posture adopted the by Obama Administration, after Osama Bin Laden's televised assassination, and the Kunar-Salala border incident where 24 Pakistani troops were strafed to death by pissed off US troops after an artillery attack) won't last. The drone strikes are back as hard evidence. The window was a mirage, that never existed for India.
11. There is no silver bullet in the 5 or so scamp infested districts of the Kashmir Valley. They must get what the rest of India gets, and those who break the law, on any damn premise need to be handled in a manner they suitably understand.
12. This whole interlocutor business seems more for an imagined Ummah audience and the 2014 General Elections, and Salman Rushdie's injured chatter from the disgraceful Jaipur incident, will see the calculation fail pan India, as it did in Uttar Pradesh.  This is not the quintessential North East disaffection, this is religious polarization at its devious worst.

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