Wednesday, 26 September 2012

You Slept.

And you slept with a tear drop at the corner of your eye. 

I couldn't cry at my misfortunes or my love for you anymore.

There wasn't a bigger truth or a more fervent cause as I stared even after all these years.

Love melts reason but it melts anger and bitterness too.

I can breathe again. Yes it was worth it for all those years.

As doubt vanishes, a clarity comes over my tortured mind. A tortured epiphany.

In this moment, I make you my temple, my worship, my pleasure and pain, while you sleep through it all my living goddess.

Tomorrow doesn't scare me because I've waited a few lifetimes for you.

Tonight as you sleep, I stand guard, a better me. Purged, clear and whole again.

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