Friday, 27 September 2013

Samba Cross Border Raid. Bloody Theatre & Chatterati

Dead Pakistani Fidayeen Attackers
As the Samba raid becomes bloody history, death tolls out of the way, the chattering classes are back, some with candles, some looking inwards, in the innate Indian fatalism, others singing paens to a Colonel and Soldiers killed and in infamy, at an Army Mess.

The same old puerile television debates, spittle spewing experts, feckless politicians and rude interrupts by impolite anchors with proclivity to speak more than they wish to hear.
And then, social media, occasional brilliance, but mostly demented jingoism and the sporadic Indian search for elusive heroes, and abdication leaders, usually resurfacing like acne, after terror theatre, bloody and Pakistani, except the dead are all ours. Men in uniform, wailing families and ambulance chasers.

The inevitability of the discussions shifting to options before India: A shameless Prime Minister, a shameless Chief Minister, a shameless Congress peddling sanctimonious statements given its Muslim votebank.

Why has the Army not been able to secure its facilities? Did the sentry latch on to breach, ddid he fire? Why are there no cameras? Why was there no alarm from the Police Station attack, in the area? Why were the attackers able to hold off a SF unit for so long? Did we need area weapons, Tank Fire to reduce our own tactical casualties? Why was there a media vacuum? Why were crews allowed to film casualties, ambulances, why allow media reporting of bloody theatre? Why? No answers!

And there's Modi, there has to be a Modi, ticking off the right bullet points, pressing all the right buttons, to what looks like a BJP juggernaut to Prime Ministership, if there was such a term.
The inward looking analysts say, India should tighten its belt. The Pakistani diva, says, Indian retribution will bring a spiral of reprisals.

From a soggy sarcastic: 'Yes, let's disband the Army. So what if the Pakistani sewer of blood, sectarian hate, flows into India? .'

To an angry: 'I say get them in their houses, and their beds, overt, covert, targeted killings of planners, diplomatic, economic, thoko saalo ko (hit the...), everytime there is a cross border stunt.'

Then the argumentative Indian's inner monologue surfaces, smearing walls on Facebook and Twitter, on Google+ and blogsphere:

'Works quite well with the 1000 cuts doctrine, doesnt it? Where is the initiative in guarding a unguardable fence? Not only does it lose the element of surprise, and initiative, it creates an environment where manpower is hunkered down and expended looking for ghosts.'

'Even with electronic surveillance, given topgraphy or sea ingress, economical and focussed to go for the epicentres.

'Nuclear sabre rattling is the umbrella under which, asymmetrical warfare is being perpetrated. Kargil disproved the nuclear blackmail. 26/11 didn't.'

More back and forth with the Pakistani Diva:

'We are held back by America till they withdraw, but blame must be apportioned to India political leadership for inability to wield the spear, and make its population safe by making punitive retribution a certainty.'

'We cheapen Indian lives, both in uniform and outside by second guessing and unnecessary self doubt. Sometimes, there is no valour in discretion. Offense is the best defence.'

The Pakistani analyst threatens Nuclear Destruction, any pretense tongue in cheek long discarded.
Inner Monologue responds:

'Nothing happens. It is made to happen. The notion that India is defenceless against cross border raids is a bogey, much before partition, much before the British Empire. Even after 1948, through the wars, down to yesterday's bloody theatre, means are not the constraint, our nihilistic leadership is!'

'Unlike, Pakistan we are not a failed state with an Army. Things are better on the fence, thanks to our Israeli friends, and no thanks to snow, floods and landslides. Shepherds and gatherers will find a way through, and so will others behind them, on our side of the LC or yours.'

'Strategically, it swamps resources to only be defensive. And it is presumption to think, India is offered protection by the US, or it needs such protection.'

'We know Central Asia as well as anyone, and the big game isnt new either. We fear the Chinese more, but soon Pakistan will stop being a proxy, as the Good, Bad Taliban cocks come home to roost. Of course, we need deep strike and mobile corps, but that is another discussion.'

The rant won't be satisfied, rapid parting kicks that ends in a question, to Pakistani Diva:

'And I may argue, that it is the US, that spawned the Frankenstein in Afghanistan. Pakistan saw a gravy train but ended up corroding its own polity.'

'Musharraf's second acquiescence was a bigger blunder than the first CIA coming of the cold war Mujahideen.'

'As US leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan is holding the can. We will get the pollution, but who will reap the whirlwind, of the seeds sown by America, and the greedy, India obsessed Generals?'

Till the next episode of bloody theatre, media has to work for a living.

The families of the dead, have to get busy to find bribes to get the dues of their men, no time for letting tears dry.

The Prime Minister has to show love to Obama, media favourites have to file self congratulatory tomes in praise of foreign service babu's, and rheumy eyed Neta, the rent to be aboard Air India One.

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