Thursday, 3 October 2013

India: Incursion, Insurgency, Covert War and Nation Building

Indian security, both internal and external is in shambles. Incursions and insurgencies are being fomented. The central theme is India's failure at fighting these fights at both fronts.

Till India fight on the defensive. This will continue.

We commit men, resources building a wall, not only against enemy but snow, erosion, and flood. Hunkered down, while the enemy has the initiative, we always react.

Asymmetric warfare can not be fought by conventional warfare. Until, we have men who understand, practice, and threaten covert war against China, and its proxy, in Pakistan, they will keep coming at us, within, and at our borders, and at world fora at large.

This is an existentialist fight of 3 civilizations, of which two have armies aligned with ideology. India is the odd one out, the experimental democracy that Nehruvian, Oxbridge Socialism turned into a family led Kleptocracy, dependent on subnationalism, religion to cast, region to language, race to colour to keep it afloat.

India is headed towards balkanization, because it is shy of the shadow of its own strength. Rhetoric rules over realpolitik. We celebrate Gandhi not Shastri, or Patel. We eulogise Nehru, Indira and Rajiv, but not Narsimha Rao.

The dysfunction of McCaulay's bastard children, and apologetics of the Mughal Empire, will not allow the integration of the Republic.

Populations are being transformed, ethnic transformation is a fact, through birthrates and illegal immigration. We seem headed to another partition.

Governance, Judiciary, Economy, Police Reform, Homeland Security, Intelligence gathering, sharing, and collation, all are in need of urgent reinvention, by process and legislation. The basic premise is failing, we forgot nation building somewhere along the way here.

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