Friday, 11 October 2013

Sad Poem of a Sunk Boat and Fauji Families

We lost some fine men, both officers and sailors, in a tragic accident recently. This poignant piece has been written on behalf of a month old baby girl of one of our officers. It would be a pity if it is not shared with as many people as we can. This is the sentiment of a true 'Fauji" family who battle on, soon to be relegated to an obscure corner of naval history. "God and soldier we alike adore, in times of danger not before.The danger past and all conflicts righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted"
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The sound of a blast, shook my heart
And lit up the calm midnight sea
Without a warning, that burning boat
Took you, my Daddy, away from me

I would’ve done all I could to save you
I wish I was a little stronger
At one month of age, my fingers still curled
I wish you had stayed a little longer

Your friends come by & take me in their arms
And say you have a soul that can never die
I smile at each one of them and reply
I know and so, I will not cry

Rest in Peace they say? Well, I won’t let you
For there is a lot of me that you have to see
Every turn, every crawl, every step I take
Right there beside me you’ll have to be

You won’t miss a moment you didn’t intend to
My first day at school, my first bruised knee
I know I’ll cry and why not? I’m a girl
Yet you are the first person I will look up to see

A Submariner, a Fighter, a Patriot
Thank You Daddy, we are a proud family
Knowing your ashes blended with the metal of your boat
You are a legend in the eyes of Mommy and me

I will imagine you proudly wrapped in the tri-colour
As every gun salute shakes me up a little
All your friends will step up to give you a final salute
But your flame will keep burning in this monsoon drizzle

I will bid you a smiling and joyous Good bye
But when I’m alone I know I’ll shed a silent tear
I will close my eyes & hope against hope
That when I open my eyes, you will be here…..

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