Friday, 6 December 2013

Mandela, A Gandhi Who Could Fight. Nation Building Lessons For India

Mandela did not take the easy way out, unlike the way Gandhi did, during India’s freedom struggle, ending in the abrupt scuttle by the British Empire and its bankruptcy.

The Mandela struggle was harder but he was Gandhi and Patel together. He could unify, he could reconcile but he could fight too.

Erstwhile colonies take a long time to remove the shackles of mental slavery, it is here, that India needs to emulate lessons of this great man, Mandela, and the experience of South Africa.

In a post Independence, post Partition India. We remain a nation that has sat on its laurels, a nation that needs to be built yet.

Mandela showed us a mirror in his face. In his passing, a reminder of not taking freedom for granted. India needs an army of Mandela's.

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