Saturday, 10 May 2014

Modi, Media, Morality & Maya Jaal

As Narendra Modi application to India’s top job rides higher, and the Election mayhem peaks, the two and a struggling third narrative become clear trends.
On the strong end, it is the BJP with its Governance platform, with injured Hindutva, and other inherited socialism on the backburner.
The public noises are of growth, infrastructure, manufacturing and breaking the ATM Ministry paradigm, and other License Raj gridlocks in Environment Clearance, etc.
The angry BJP issues are gridlocks in land acquisition, environment, Telecom, Coal:  all largesse tools that were used in the Congress led UPA, for both dispensing favour, and keeping competition out. And how Policy assumed the dubious role of the omnipotent weapon of political assassination.
The second and at the vanquished end, is the place held by the once grand Congress. The myth of colonial and post colonial history shattered by family led Kleptocracy. The Congress today risks imminent implosion as the ability to dispense favours, and punish the rival becomes extinct.
Even in the states that it holds power, the Gandhi tag will cease to be sacrosanct. A fit revenge for the Narasimha Rao and Pranab Mukherjee, denied their place in history, mostly given their ability to think, which made them poor sycophants and slaves.
Congress noises were the usual communal cacophony, some cast, minority votebank polarisation. And eventually personal attacks, and epithets, most directed at Narendra Modi.
The third or some fraction thereof, almost a rearguard action is brought up, by the wet dream of a third front. A calamitous happening, that has occurred a few times already, much to the detriment of India and it's morality.
Be it the dirty muffler rabble rousers of AAP, or the dysfunction of Communism, or SP, BSP, NCP, TMC Congress clones after the Muslim, Caste or other sub-national, votebank persuasion, the chances of their day under the Indian sun look rather slim, as poll predictions go.
The Narendra Modi phenomenon, the cynosure of all that is wrong and needs to be fixed, promises a veritable epic Ram Rajya (the just and reign of Lord Ram, if you please)!
This cultural renaissance brings to the fore of Indian politics, the proverbial yin and yang conflict, the conflict between the good and the bad, within us. It brings to fore, public morality, a rarity for decades!
Afterall, the bad (Congress) has ruled most of the Post Hindu Muslim Partition and the Post-Independence Hindustan, stolen and renamed India, by Nehru. While the good (BJP) now is being forecast for running the India of 2014, and possibly even beyond.
Loaded as the narratives come with metaphors, even Ghalib's poetry, epithets, muck raking, tactical propaganda, the media has lost all face, in the no holds barred political dog fight.
The credibility of most mainstream media in India has been reduced to less than shit, as bureaucracy and politician alike gaze urgently at the crystal ball of 2014 General Elections.
The expectations from Narendra Modi unfair as they are, exist. Such irrational exuberance will surely meet with disappointment and bitter recrimination, leading once again to the cycle of anti-incumbency, and resultant political instability, unless Modi can deliver quickly, especially on the low hanging fruit, that the headless chicken UPA left to rot.
All of a sudden, a decade long pariah, Narendra Modi is the exclusive interview, every Print, TV, and Online journalist is angling for. From initial sarcasm to false bravado, Modi has settled into defining the policy outline of the incoming NDA shop.
Unfortunately, given the critical and formative nature of the Modi image on a national canvas, this has been a rather shoddy job, given the chasms within the BJP, its various silos, and islands of influence.
As the piranha like bum rush for portfolio's surfaces, egged on by an equally shameless media. The BJP cart definitely seems in front of the India horse.
For someone who was sequestered and hounded for 12 years, Narendra Modi has wasted opportunities, in public communication, of his policy priorities.
The Statutory and Constitutional bodies, despite being staffed with Congress sycophants, delivered India from the Congress Kleptocracy and its Goebbelsian propaganda aided and abetted by a bent yellow media.
It is these bodies, these bulwarks of Indian Democracy that Modi needs to fix first, by strengthening them, and making them future proof to potential dynasties and their Kleptomania.
What should have been a call for emergency legislative and policy overhaul objectives has turned into tactical media ping pong, and name calling. A cycle of unproductive retribution and empty rage.
Economic Reform, Judicial Reform, Intelligence Reform, Police Reform, Public Healthcare Reform, Education Reform , Military Reform, Tax Reform, all remain buried under political ego battles of personality, cult, not national interest.
As Modi moves towards the hot seat, relinquished by a puppet sycophant, mostly employed to whitewash the evil deeds of the Kleptocracy, he inherits a thorny crown.
A nation beleaguered by economic profligacy. India has grave national security challenges both internal and external.
A nation whose foreign policy is steeped in Nehruvian dogma, disconnected from furthering India's core interests, led by fiddling Nero's, self opinionated and spoilt rotten for producing incompetent, substandard foreign policy.
A nation whose Police and Law Enforcement agencies behave like colonial bouncers. A nation where Intelligence agencies are stopped from doing their job, when they do even know what their job is, beyond bugging political rivals.
A nation where the MoD is at war with the Armed Forces! We are a nation where the soldier has seen his status, seniority, pay and pension steadily eroded, and destroyed by a self serving bureaucracy. As Defence Procurement hits new lows of Kleptocracy, the Armed Forces are naked and politically infested.
A nation where illness is a death sentence for the poor, where health indicators are worse than Africa, a country where Public Health is a scandal. This is the country Modi will inherit.
A country where the Judiciary only brings delay, injustice and even entrapment. A country where the poor almost always languish in prison, while the rich get away with a slap on the wrist.
This is the country where being Hindu can be a disadvantage, where cocking a snook at the Hindu was fashionable in the Communist Liberal Colonial Kleptocracy.
An India, where the State Police of Congress led States, Federal run CBI and NIA, can rattle the IB over the Hindu Terror canard. A country where a serving Military Intelligence Colonel can be held undertrial for 5 years on cooked up bullshit to support a Muslim votebank political platform, designed to blunt justice against Islamist Terror and Insurgency.
This is the legacy that Narendra Modi inherits. History begins on May 16, 2014, and posterity is a cruel judge.
If Modi can do even as much as a PV Narasimha Rao or an Atal Behari Vajpayee, he would have ensured a place in the Indian hall of fame, else the soiled Indian political history is a bed riddled with bugs of infamy. The King (Queen) is dead, long live the Republic!

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