Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Ugliness of South Bombay

The moon is high
The monsoon clouds are all over like pre-pubescent urchins
As fire rises from the scorched earth.
The buildings in Breach Candy and Nepean Sea Road are like old prostitutes

Something new goes wrong everyday now!
Water, Electricity, Sewage, Footpaths, Waterproofing, other assorted silent freakouts.
As the half dozen water pumps whine, and Bahadur washes the 7th car, I get an epiphany!
Maybe all these bastards deserve to die

Maybe, they deserve the polluted air ppm count with their 7 cars
Maybe apathy brought on ruination.
To the sparrows and crows, and parakeets who are my heroes
Even the vultures who pick flesh off Parsi bones, I nod gratitude! 

I live here with my ugly, noisy airconditioning.
I tolerate my illiterate, rich, drunk, whoremongerer neighbours 
But deep down I know, as they do too
About, the ugliness of South Bombay!

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