Monday, 29 September 2014

Modi in America: Bang up Job, PMO, MEA!

Narendra Modi spoke with inspiration at Madison Square Garden (MSG) despite Jetlag and Navratri fasting.

He is a natural extempore speaker, but give him pointers and especially if they are incongruent to his natural grain, he tends to be less awesome.

His ability to maintain eye contact with audience is his biggest gift. MSG was anytime better than UNGA, almost Vajpayee like in his pauses.

At UNGA he only came into his own when he spoke extempore, relaxed, away from his prepared speech, to explain what he meant every now and again.

The audience for both UNGA and Madison garden was both domestic and global. In a first divergence from Nehruvian Socialism and dogma, India is making big waves, last seen with Nehru, and lesser with Rajiv Gandhi.

Analysts will be all feverish poring over his foreign policy messaging for India, from US to Russia to China, and beyond.

This is a new India, where he's trying to find his wings. Indian media has not kept pace, and a justifiably distrustful PMO has relied far more on social media to take lead in both message dissemination,  random tactical crisis management, and holding statements.

This disconnect means both lose. The conventional media loses credibility, as it makes an ass out of itself, getting either ahead of itself or in some cases on personality led, bizarre, tangents. The PMO and MEA too lose the mass reach of mainstream media.

All in all, bang up job for speech writers and PMO, MEA mandarins! The meeting with Netanyahu is a big logjam breaker. Awesome brownie points again on PIO, OCI telescoping, and Tourist Visa.

Now go charm Obama and American business, job well done!

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