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BADGAM INCIDENT. An open letter from Brig Vidyasagar (Retd)

BADGAM INCIDENT. An open letter from Brig Vidyasagar (Retd)

Dear Sir,
    Further to my mail earlier on the Badhgam incident. The C of I is not yet over. Army has accepted its total responsibility.
    May I request more knowledgeable veterans to clear some of my doubts.
    Doubt No 1. How has Army Cdr Northern Comd found out Army is guilty and is to accept total responsibility for the Badgam incident?
      I hope Angel Gabriel did not visit him in his dreams when the general was in sound sleep in Udhampur and told him that Army men were not finding any target to shoot at and suddenly Allah,the benevolent and most merciful sent this innocent youngsters to speed away in a car even after being asked to stop. If there is no check post, then were the Army men suddenly descended from Heaven? Are we not supposed to stop at every check post, prove our identity and then only proceed after cleared by the check post men. If we can do it day in and day out in peaceful place like Secunderabad, Telangana to enter RSI, Bolarum can not the innocent boys in Srinagar expected to observe the simple rule when terrorists roam freely around as if Srinagar is Muzaffarabad?
   Doubt No 2.  When the C of I has not yet completed, how the Army Cdr says "Mistake has happened"?
        May I remind the venerable Army Cdr when similar incident happened in New Delhi few years back somewhere near Connaught place. Two businessmen travelling in a car were killed by  Delhi Police in similar circumstances after they received intelligence report. The Delhi Police Commissioner refused to accept any responsibility for the incident and squarely blamed the occupants of the car who did not stop even after being challenged to stop. The Delhi Govt on the instruction of Central Govt simply transferred Delhi Police Commissioner to diffuse the situation. No compensation was paid to the next of kin of businessmen.

Doubt No 3. When the All knowing Army Cdr has already announced Army takes full responsibility for the death of two boys, he informs the circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Does it mean the presiding officer of C of I will doctor his findings to see whatever Army Cdr said are duly incorporated by tutoring Army Witnesses.

Doubt No 4. May I be educated as to what these famous DOs and Don'ts are all in this hostile environment when every day one or twol Army men are being martyred by terrorists?
      Am  I correct to say that Army men should not shoot till fired upon. That means let few Army men get killed, then establish that the guys who fired are terrorists and call for reinforcements by which time the terrorists would be safely hidden in one of the houses of countless sympathisers. Then our Defence Correspondent will happily announce five jawans, one JCO and One officer have been martyred by terrorists when a car carrying terrorists opened fire indiscriminately on the check post personnel.

Doubt No 5. May I be educated as to what are the rules of engagement in a disturbed area declared as such by the State Govt because of which Army has been called in and AFSPA was provided to them to safeguard against the ungrateful Kashmiri Muslims who eat Indian food and sing praises of Pakistan. Am I wrong to call them traitors?

Doubt No 6. After the incident has happened where is the necessity for GOC 15 Corps to move out the personnel of 58 RR from their duties helping the hostile state govt to spread the canard that Army has opened fire unnecessarily.

Doubt No 7. Will Army men ever trust their officers to defend them in future if this is the stuff with which COAS, Army Cdr and Corps Cdrs are made of . Why should they risk their lives to hunt down the terrorists?

Sir, to clarify my doubt, I am giving below extract of  press interview of Army Cdr, Northern Command given in Srinagar on 07 Nov 2014.
Brig CS Vidyasagar(Retd)

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