Saturday, 22 November 2014

Connected by Change, the Human Way

There are old songs on the radio
Songs that force you to imagine
Stories of those who went before
As their music lives on.

Musty old books have love, longing and betrayal
Sarcasm and passion of black and white films
Language and instrument
Object and divine.

The song writer and composers stayed poor
Vicious cycle of the writers poverty, brilliance, waste
The shortness of collective memory
The talent of the prodigal.

Living with the feeling its all been done before
Deja Vu days and weekends, and faster years
God we've known each other forever
Do you remember him or her from that year?

The guilt of bad Karma
The fear of being born an insect
Or the expectation of Moksha
It's all been done before.

Philosophical constructs to live life
To know, wrong, from right, ying and yang
Yet, to somehow live in crime, and dysfunction
That perhaps is the human way.

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