Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Untouchable Brahmin

Can not talk, when your head is on fire
Converse, when your heart has been ripped out
You keep trying me
I keep forgiving you

In artificial light, beyond waking hours
Drinks of anger, not celebration
A fury in the blood
An anger of betrayal

The pigeons often bury their heads
Pretend they can stall fate
As my yogic breath stops me from oblivion
I take another sip

In the black hole of love
And the merciless jungle of forbidden desire
There comes a moment
When water no longer douses fire

I deny you, familiarity
Punish you for your nonchalance
But on the way somewhere
Never really get my revenge

This is the way of the stranger
Of the lover, no one wants to acknowledge
An untouchable brahmin
No one wants to touch or see.

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