Friday, 6 March 2015

BBC Rape Voyeurism meets stick of the Indian State.

Nirbhaya poverty porn is an orchestrated hit job, that feeds on competitive victimhood, and self flagellation of Colonial self hating sepoys, conditioned McCaulay's bastard children.

Use of outrage works from feeding social unrest, leading to chaos, intending downfall of Government is a favourite foreign Intelligence agency wet dream.

From Greenpeace to BBC, Doval has fired one across the bows for all such scamps.

This isnt a isolated documentary. It is a women's day campaign that was advanced, as IB was on to NDTV. NYT, Reuters, all fell into place domino like. This is being compared to the demonisation of Putin suddenly. Go figure.

Those who were around during Gita Chopra, brother , Ranga Billa rape/murder, or Tandoor case, outrage does not change social mores or sexual politics.

What do we have to show for this haitoba: Draconian legislation that has huge potential for injustice, use of Rape and Sexual Assault as a tool for revenge and rent seeking, and destroying careers. 
Misogyny has since been supplemented by Misandry. Lynching, castration, and hanging people by their balls, is the new cool, suddenly fashionable.

This story was dead, and it was carefully resurrected to infect social discourse like a virus, too bad MHA made it a dud. Our watchers must be complemented for having eyes on, despite all the hand wringing, and hackneyed clichés about the efficacy if a ban on the Internet.

This story is dead and had a half life of 3 days, glad it's dead. Hopefully gender sensitivity, Rape, gets the serious treatment it deserves. Happy weekend!

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