Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake. MoD, MEA, MHA Nehruvian Restraint meets Armed Forces, Media Frenzy

This media self flagellation over its spirited, hardship filled coverage is signature. From Israel to US, EU countries everyone has gone to town on #NepalEarthquake.

What Indian Armed Forces and MEA don't have is a narrative frame to give to Indian media, given the contrarian, if not adversarial relationship with Narendra Modi PMO.

Decades of Nehruvian socialist dogma meets India flapping loudly to project itself as a regional power.

And a caveat here. Social media tags are as infowar as conventional media. Chinese, Maoist influence in Nepal is considerable, so equating a hashtag trend with groundswell opinion, Government view, is taking the bait.

Foreign policy projection needs endgaming for objectives. When you turn on a pivot, as our boys did, it was the instinct to save, protect and camaderie with Gurkha Rifles.

Maybe there will be a template going forward on this, which will have the second objective as media messaging and goal setting.

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