Friday, 5 June 2015

The Boys of 6 Dogra

At this party, air-conditioning to smother the humidity.
Perfumed bodies, clothes and social rivalries.
The single malt doesn't go down easy
I have the boys of 6 Dogra on my mind.

I can smell their fear, I can smell their blood as they died.
Unit going home, bright 8am Manipur morning
Lessons of decades forgotten in hope
The tyranny of the ambush, the dreams of loved ones.

So the Prime Minister is distressed
And the Home Minister orders revenge
Intelligence failure, and shot up bodies
NOK, widows, children, snuffed out hopes
The boys of 6 Dogra dead for an ungrateful union.

Tonight, sobs will turn to stupor
Wives will wipe their vermillion
I am crying in my Whiskey
The ghosts of Chandel multiply.

War is back, death will cheapen our morals.
Retribution. You get us, we'll get you back
We will destroy your identities, your homes, your bodies.
As we weep, you will weep too.

The bitter wrath of a nation will visit the Northeast
Let's wipe them out, thoko saalo ko
Can we put the union to bed
Can India be India.

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