Sunday, 5 July 2015

This Languorous Sunday of July

This Languorous Sunday of July
Savouring my pains
Beginnings, these days, don't have to be ends
I am feeling that new feeling again

The years keep rolling
Slow and then fast, and then slow again
I see you from the corner of my eye
Do you know what's happening to me?

Love, and emotion races through my breaths
No I will never forget
I am living here, in meandering lives
Apart, but always together

Hopes, and dreams, a return of optimism
The wave that washes over dark nights in doubt
Its action, and movement that sets me free
Learning from lost years never made me smile before

I am becoming me
Walking away from frozen inertia
Beginning to enjoy emotions that once left me cold
Thaw of reckoning, always comes before knowledge

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