Monday, 3 August 2015

Things have changed, I am letting you go.

It's you on the phone
On Facebook
And on text
You are back on my case

For years, we have been friends
Weddings, funerals, love and heartbreak
Fear, insecurity, intrigue, and jealousy
I've taken your side, seen you vomit

Somewhere things changed
Familiarity to contempt
Wives, girlfriends and boyfriend,
bring strife, parents couldn't
We aren't friends anymore

I tolerate you
And your shenanigans
Your jealousy and your incoherence
And suddenly, I couldn't care.

These years, when I couldn't be alone
The fear of loneliness, of chopping away my heart
But tonight, I gave you up
Finally like a beautiful sunset, morning can't await!

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