Saturday, 12 December 2015

They want to make a change in Paris

They want to make a change in Paris
A 2 degree change, between Hollande and Modi
Countries, rich and poor
Countries developed, and developing

Abbreviations meet intentions
Climate change costs money
Intellectual property rights they holler
For their sins, the rich and developed, want the poor to pay

Annex, non-Annex, and the India, China twilight
Green House Gases from Coal, from Trains, Airplanes, Trucks, buses and cars
Everyone wants more than their share, not what is fair.

Meanwhile, the sea is rising, glaciers melting down
There are floods in Europe and America
In Uttarakhand, the sky has fallen down
Bombay to Odisha, cyclones are Phailin

In Chennai hundreds are dead in coastal havoc
All humans, rich and poor, developed and developing
But the rich won't put their money where their mouth is
And the poor still use poverty as an excuse to do nothing

We are humans of earth
White, brown, and black
We drown, bleed and shed tears
Can we not listen to the global warming in our hearts?

Friday, 11 December 2015

In here I am, awake tonight

I see you through the corner of my eye
I know you, I have seen you around
You flail about, in artificial glee
And I am too intense tonight to look up

In the corner, something burns bright
Ghosts spring forth from my fears
A bruised intellect
And a broken breath

Between insult and benefit lies dignity
As I push you back from my limits
And refuse your largesse in polite anger
I find myself in pain, anger and denial.

Tonight, there will be no answers
Only,  steeling the spirit with deprivation
I am going to leave you
I''ve had enough.

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