Tuesday, 23 August 2016


No Yoga Today.
McDonald's breakfast from hell
Americano that turned into forced cappuccino
Laissez faire, today's title track!

Diagonally across, a rebel and his clerk friend share a chocolate pancake
People walking, hurried, or less strident.

Glass windows, outside the monsoon is nearly done
Midweek has an empty fervent optimism
The watchers look on.

Policeman pats his Browning
Adoring glances at a full magazine
Overcast days preparing for unknown
The city meanders to a subliminal rhythm.

Forms, silhouettes, and bodies in motion or sat still
Thin, fat, hairy, bald, anguished, and in glee
Gurgling sensuality of a fiery mountain stream
Watching, watching, gleaning insights.

Coffee that has run cold
Things done, boxes ticked
Not how this was supposed to be
But its done now!

The slacker looks on
Awaiting the next inspiration
Who to be, what to acquire
Dreams slithering in gentle curves.

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