Monday, 3 October 2016

#UriAttack Fallguy: Lynch The Brigade Commander

Security Lapse! Why? Because you read it somewhere or saw it on TV?

Have you ever seen the LoC? Do you know the terrain?

Do you have any idea what deprivation of weapon, ammo, financial resources for building fences, concrete defences, lighting, thermal imaging these remote, godforsaken Units face?

No, you will come here and spew your conditioned vomit without having a clue. Big salutes and talk but nary a bloody clue.

Did you question Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, and Manohar Parrikar on the Defence Budget or the MoD Babudom for Defence Procurement, Production Kleptocracy, no?

Our troops don't have a Rifle since 1982, nor body armour, night vision or air support,did you remove the Defence Secretary, no!

The IB sends out non actionable alerts 365 days an year, was the Home Minister fired? Whar about Director IB, Secretary Internal Security, no!

Did Manohar Parrikar who promised mitigation after Pathankot Attack not fail at preventing recurrence? Did he offer to resign? Or is there no accountability for politicians and bureaucrats!

Did the Army Chief ready with twitching tail everytime Neta, Babu beckon take personal responsibility for Pathankot and Uri? So why only make the Unit, Brigade and Division cogs the fallguys for national failure!

So then why this selective morality attack only for a beggared soldier dying for you, with whatever shit you give him, cheat him on pay, pension, litigate him to death, literally!

So please don't spew lame regurgitated vomit. Thank you!

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