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Goodbye Papaji

It was beyond dusk that I got the call.
It was just last week that you were on my mind.
90 and you had to go of something.
To leave a grieving clan behind.Generations of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
A good man who came with nothing, yet gave so much, and to so many.
A beautiful man, who did it the right way.
Not a blemish to his name.A Kashmiri Pandit, cultured, quiet and educated.
Gentle but firm.
Our entire horizon as children.
Our hero and our patriarch.They will give you to the flames today, Vidhi Ka Vidhan.
But in our memories you will stay.
As the man who gave everyone hope, order and taught us civility.
The conscience of a generation.
The immigrant who rebuild a world from scratch.
In the twilight your memory will remain a blessing! As you become legend.
A tale for the future.
Essential lore for those to come.
My hands stay together and head bowed in silent gratitude.
Goodbye Papaji, we will miss you!

Living Talent Presents Masterpiece 2017 - The World's First Multi-genre Intercontinental Talent Hunt

Living Talent Presents Masterpiece 2017 - The World's First Multi-genre Intercontinental Talent Hunt DUBAI, UAE and MUMBAI, November 28, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Irrfan Khan, noted Indian actor of international acclaim,makes his debut as a jury memberon the show Living Talent, an intercontinental Talent Hunt company, announced the launch of Masterpiece 2017 - a global show to be hosted in DubaiFestival City on 15-16 December, 2017. The first-of-its-kind talent show will have deserving contenders from across the world compete across genres such as arts and craft, performance and innovation. Contestants will showcase their unique talents before the esteemed jury; one from each category will be bestowed the title - 'The Living Masterpiece'.      (Logo: ) The intercontinental jury is an enviable mix of celebrities from across 5 continents: Natalia Oreiro, Argentinian Singer and ActressConor Walton, Artist, United KingdomMa…

Saviors, Killers and Gentlemen

No kinks, straight backs, something about these boys.
Clean shaven, manicured ears and necks.
Something was different!As the drinks went down.
And the night started to work up a sweat
I couldn't stop staring.
Lithe bodies, practiced gaits, and quiet eyes. These were boys forced into an early manhood.
Saviors, Killers and Gentlemen.
Quiet confidence that needed no boast.
Eyes that looked distantly confident. And then it came to me from a lifetime of Army mess nights
These were young officers
Bankers and yuppies at the next table looked like unkempt disheveled clerks.
Quietly hidden knowledge smiled into my drink. A lanky Captain Sahib caught my smile.
Eyes met in some quiet recognition and then looked away.
These were our best. Guardians of the faith.
Keen, earnest faces of men who would give you their lives or take them for you. The edge of India's sword
Swaying to a primal rhythm.
Had to send drinks for my pride.
Sweaty hugs from brothers.
Officers and human bein…


By Jay Bhattacharjee
On  Monday, the 21st August, the Supreme Court effectively ended one of the most painful and tragic episodes in independent India’s history, when it granted bail to the Military Intelligence officer, Lt. Colonel P.S. Purohit (PSP) who had been in prison, awaiting trial, for nearly nine years. By effectively drawing down the curtain on a heartrendingly sad chapter, the apex court redeemed (at least partially) its honour and esteem in our nation’s collective psyche. This writer has been following the entire saga after it unfolded nine years ago in September 2008, when a series of deadly bomb explosions killed a number of people in Malegaon, Maharashtra. UPA-1 had already been in power in Raisina Hill for more than four years and the stench of corruption and woeful mismanagement was widespread. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his cabal, under the control of the Congress Party’s power centre in 10 Janpath, had already come under the scanner for a series of appalling …


Don't let the shadows take over the night. Don't let the black overpower what's bright. In a moment of contemplation, and pensive reflection. Don't let the weak destroy your night. There comes a time of doubt to every man and woman . Don't let it turn to fright. Betrayal real or apparent, mindless strife of nonchalance. Don't wipe off a long story off your slate, for a blitz of angry spite. Celebrate the victory, mourn the loss but keep moving on. When life goes against your grain, and adversity is a relentless rain.There you stay in patient dexterity. There you make your stand.

A Driver in the Mumbai Rain.

First gear in serpent queues.
Love songs in the rain
Commuters can feel longing
Commuters can feel pain Untouched by the angry slush
In an air-conditioned cocoon
Disconnected from humanity
Shitty advertising curdling your brain Driving in the marauding traffic
Skirmishing at each signal
Some trying to edge you out of lane
Some slow car making you insaneThere are good days
Days when nothing can dent your smile
Days when you reach before time
And the sun doesn't sear your flesh Civilizations show character in how they drive
Courtesy for the young, old and animals
Patience and quiet to stop road rage and tunnel vision
And the skill and strength to dominate; even punish sociopaths.

India Must End Gandhi's Near-Divine Status

One feels sorry for Amit Shah. Three years after the regime-change in the country, he thought it safe to take up one major (although possibly unstated) agenda of the new government. This was the de-sanctification of the founding father of the Gandhi-Nehru-Gandhi (GNG) dynasty. Amit bhai, therefore, took on the sanctum sanctorum of the earlier rulers of this ancient civilisation of ours. The target, as the nation knows, was the icon and high-priest, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (MKG), who had been placed on an unreachably high pedestal for the last seven decades and more. From this elevated perch, the old man had ruled over our minds and spirits as ruthlessly and as completely as Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti and the North Korean supremo Kim IL Sung. Compared to MKG’s reign, old Adolf lasted for a mere 12 years, while Idi Amin Dada, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain had longer stints. One is constrained to point out here that …

Party in the Mumbai Night!

Crowded dark sky over Mumbai.
Scotch burning bones.
Air conditioning cranks double time.
You are out there, pretty and demure.Out there in the Bombay Night everything looks possible
Wisps of premonsoon white impotence float in the cobalt night.You see social climbers bone up on fuzzy nothings
And you see glances of the watchers
Tonight as the beat settled, why were you unsure
You are or you aren't, why fiddle with your brain. As the buzz settles, the aunties separate from the uncles
And the singles weigh their chances.
The missing aren't missed
Reality meets Twilight. Mobile phones replace conversation
Frolic replaces gossip
There's no panacea for partying
It's what people do.

Bringing Hidden Military History Back to School and University

In a move that could have far reaching consequences, the Welham Boys' School in Dehradun has taken the initiative to introduce regular classes on India's military history. The school, which is working with filmmaker/author Shiv Kunal Verma, held the first three sessions between 20 and 22 April. 'We have to expand the horizons of our students... we cannot just be limited by what is there or not there in the curriculum. Unfortunately, our military history has been a subject that just hasn't been given its due,' says Gunmeet Bindra, the principal of Welham Boys'.
"History taught in schools completely bypasses crucial events that have shaped India," says Darshan Singh, the Chairman of the Welham Boys' School Board of Governors, "we just feel it's vital to expand the canvas. As educationists, it is our job to place the entire Canvas before our children even if it means stretching ourselves to find the extra time to create the slots."

The Enemy Within Wants The Sword-Arm Of The Indian Republic Mothballed

For a number of years, this writer has studied the intricate issue of why certain countries, civilisations and regimes implode and / or self-destruct over a period of time.  After many analyses and assessments, carried out over hundreds of years, all these civilisations were diagnosed as having suffered from severe and debilitating weaknesses in their basic structure.
This was the essay I wrote in 2014, a few months before the tsunami that swept away the Congress juggernaut:
Basically, I studied the parallels between pre-revolutionary France in the 18th century, Tsarist Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, and the creaking structure on Raisina Hill that reeked of decay and disease. Even when the rotten and well past its sell-date Congress-UPA regime was practically obliterated by the Indian electorate, the oligarchy of the Gandhi-Nehru-Gandhi cabal made sure that the new government would have its work cut out.

Grudges From The Siachen Sellout


Day before an article by Shiv Kunal Verma on the situation in Kashmir went viral on social media. Writing in the context of the latest incident in the Valley in which Major Dahiya and 5 soldiers lost their lives, the authorhas done some plain speaking. By holding up a mirror which has no partisan political leanings, Kunal has stated in no uncertain terms what today is the general feeling among the young officers and men. Frankly,sometimes it takes a lot of courage to stand up and tell the truth. And if you are willing to stick your neck out, you will get trolled which is fair enough, and most readers are astute enough to know which commentsare motivated and which are genuine.

But when the writer gets abused by a former Colonel in the Army for purely personal reasons, then that's crossing the Rubicorn. Ajai Shukla on twitter promptly went on line and referred to Kunal as'VK Singh's barking dog'! Even some of those who follow Shukla's writings commented on t…