Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Living Talent Presents Masterpiece 2017 - The World's First Multi-genre Intercontinental Talent Hunt

Living Talent Presents Masterpiece 2017 - The World's First Multi-genre Intercontinental Talent Hunt

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DUBAI, UAE and MUMBAINovember 28, 2017/PRNewswire/ --
Irrfan Khan, noted Indian actor of international acclaim,makes his debut as a jury member on the show  
Living Talent, an intercontinental Talent Hunt company, announced the launch of Masterpiece 2017 - a global show to be hosted in Dubai Festival City on 15-16 December, 2017. The first-of-its-kind talent show will have deserving contenders from across the world compete across genres such as arts and craft, performance and innovation. Contestants will showcase their unique talents before the esteemed jury; one from each category will be bestowed the title - 'The Living Masterpiece'.
The intercontinental jury is an enviable mix of celebrities from across 5 continents:
  • Natalia Oreiro, Argentinian Singer and Actress
  • Conor Walton, Artist, United Kingdom
  • Marina Debris, Artist and Designer, Australia
  • Adam Miller, Artist, United States
  • Roopam Sharma, MIT Award recipient, Social Innovator
  • Mayur Ramgir, Renowned Intercontinental Innovator and Author
  • Irrfan Khan, Indian Actor with presence in Hollywood
  • Lauren Gottlieb, Star of Hindi film 'ABCD'
*Backed by self-made stars like RJ Naved, Rannvijay SinghRicha Chaddaand Karan Wahi
225 deserving participants, selected from online video submissions, will fly to Dubai (with a companion) where they will compete with contestants globally. Moreover, organisers will waive off the fee in case of especially dazzling artists from a deserving background. Judges and viewers will decide jointly which contestant advances to the finals to win the grand prize of US$10,000, and a chance to feature in an upcoming Intercontinental Web series by Living Talent Media Group.
Masterpiece 2017 will invite venture capitalists and angel investors who bring seed capital, valuable mentorship and office space for the winners. Winners also stand a chance to be funded by ZLab - endorsed by Shark Tank Celebrity and Inventor of 'As seen on TV' Kevin Harington.
Process of application 
- Eligible candidates (18-26 years of age) to upload proof of their talent through videos in any of the three categories of Arts & Craft, Performance, Innovation on http://www.livingtalent.org
- Fee of Rs 1,600 (in case the participant is travelling alone, they get 40% discount on fee with code: GOaloneDXB). This includes airfare, stay, food, transfers, and coupons for US$30
- 225 shortlisted participants will be invited along with one companion to an all-expense paid trip to Dubai
For media queries:
Meera Warrier
SOURCE Living Talent

Friday, 3 November 2017

Saviors, Killers and Gentlemen

No kinks, straight backs, something about these boys.
Clean shaven, manicured ears and necks.
Something was different!

As the drinks went down.
And the night started to work up a sweat
I couldn't stop staring.
Lithe bodies, practiced gaits, and quiet eyes.

These were boys forced into an early manhood.
Saviors, Killers and Gentlemen.
Quiet confidence that needed no boast.
Eyes that looked distantly confident.

And then it came to me from a lifetime of Army mess nights
These were young officers
Bankers and yuppies at the next table looked like unkempt disheveled clerks.
Quietly hidden knowledge smiled into my drink.

A lanky Captain Sahib caught my smile.
Eyes met in some quiet recognition and then looked away.
These were our best. Guardians of the faith.
Keen, earnest faces of men who would give you their lives or take them for you.

The edge of India's sword
Swaying to a primal rhythm.
Had to send drinks for my pride.
Sweaty hugs from brothers.
Officers and human beings Supreme.

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