Thursday, 13 September 2018


It is subtle
It is the forgiveness of your friend
It is the thoughtfulness of your colleague
The nod of the harried bus driver

In a world gone insane. 
Somewhere between the knife edge of money
And the blunt hammer of ego
There is a hidden refuge called decency

It will surprise you 
When all is lost
It will make love to you
When you feel unworthy 

Is it an element or a compound?
What atoms constitute decency?
A thoughtful childhood
Or a value system beaten frame. 

I see you
Our eyes exchange a fleeting hint
In my mind, I am grateful 
And someday, I will repay it when you least expect it. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Walk away, walk away!

In the amber, angry at the world
Hazy eyes, resentment at the callous
Grouses and steeping anger
Yelling, screaming and then lapsing into a stupor

Your heart is broken, and your self esteem shattered 
Struggling to ignore disrespect
Working harder to dull the humiliation 

It is the loved ones, that hurt you the most because you let them
Relatives and colleagues, lovers and spouse
When does self respect stop chasing pity?
When does clarity beat tunnel vision of the scorned. 

Taking your consciousness back
Walking away from anger
Withdrawing from grief and denying negativity 
The realisation gong 
And shitty spaces in between 

Thinking about peace, and moksha
Burning pride, forsaking the ego
The external is finite, what is infinite is within 
Walk away, walk away!

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