Friday, 4 January 2019

Goodbye Gowri Kaka

The dreaded phone call
The mind recognised Hospital and passed away
Why didnt I call you this morning?
But then you couldnt speak any more.

Wasted away by an aggressive malady
Lungs, spine and beyond
A beautiful life left behind by a beautiful soul
Not much for relegious ceremony, a short roll into an electric furnace, and you were free.

Memories, impressions and associations will remain
Loved and lived, fought and hated
Wisdom and kindness
A million other things unsaid that will live on.

As the twilight descends the soul will persevere on
Those who loved you, and those you loved will remain
You seldom cried and maybe I will succeed too. Almost.
A reluctant terse Guru who became conscience.

A difficult relationship
Years of torment
Grudges, anger and quiet despair
An Officer, the stuff of lore
Always groomed and immaculately turned out.

An atheist who taught me Sanatan Dharma
My introduction to Patanjali Yogasutras
About coffee and wine
From your silences, I yet stole knowledge

Sometimes the reward of a little smile
A tone that was learning itself
Or the deprecating smirk
A shrug of the shoulder

A shared past to reconcile
No more phone calls for advice
A friend, a father and a critic
Goodbye Gowri Kaka!

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