Friday, 20 December 2019

The Anatomy of Stillborn Congress Communist CAA NRC Campaign

The anatomy of a Protest in a democracy has a short half-life. The appetite for idealism fades very quickly as things start to catch fire. It is exactly this that has played out since the Narendra Modi BJP led NDA Government shanghaied the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 through both houses of the Parliament in brute majority!

As arson, mob violence, shooting moves up the escalation ladder people want to go back to procreating, paying mortgages and their kids college fees. They don’t want nervous excitement beyond a day or two. The appetite for violence is 
limited even through the myriad anger and frustration of causes sometimes leads the silent, employed, taxpaying majority to seek a momentary catharsis in it.
That moment came and passed leaving an ugly reality of scorched street littered with burning tyres, torched police and private vehicles. The casualties were both hapless policemen and stone pelting, arsonist lynchmobs often infiltrated with criminal sociopaths to foreign intelligence moles depending on who you believe. As nervous exhaustion sets in, both CAA and NRC protest is stillborn. Malcontents in the Muslim ghettos of the mind will remain but for illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh and the Rohingya, the future in Indian cities looks less than promising.

The Indian Muslims lost a huge opportunity to stand up and be counted and better their lot in employment, education and healthcare. Instead they behaved predictably and were used and thrown by foreign interests and political agents as is their won’t since the 1857 Mutiny, Khilafat, and 1947 Partition.

Our Muslims need their own leaders not commission agents, Congress, Communists, Uncouth Mamata, Bhim Army and other opportunist constructs. They need to get out of the ghettos of the mind and into the mainstream as a proud and prosperous community.

Congress and Communists and their clones like AAP, SP, spread in sporadic corners of India in Muslims votebanks behind the scorched earth campaign are all in a spot of bother. As Police moves to register cases and preventive detention using the ubiquitous Sec 144 of the Indian Penal Code to kill the protests, it is a bonfire of vanities for many in the old Macaulay Orphan narrative gravy train carrying intellectuals, influencers and media. Not only Modi and Shah stood firm and they have won the battle of wits.
Of course the devil is in the details. Babudom nearly did mess it up for the BJP but now the knives are out for them too both in the Intelligence Agencies and Internal Security corridors across the Home Ministry in Connaught Place to the PMO in Raisina Hill. There is a massive law enforcement and intelligence operation to ensure things don’t go out of hand. The usually boring Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is doing more than spew crusty socialist gruel with its PIB firing on all cylinders with myth busters on CAA / NRC. This is going down all ducks in row, tic tac toe.
Lastly on the media and influencers, a majority of whom read this badly. Terrorist attacks don’t have the potency of partition violence memories, lying latent in most Indians today of immigrant origin. People want peace and order. Not Police in riot gear brandishing MP5 submachine guns and Glock pistols with safety’s off. They want to go back to the familiar landscape of lazy outrage over Rape, Economy and Bollywood and Netflix Shows.
He who dares wins! Take a bow Amit Shah !

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Popular Support Fades As Scorched Earth Campaign of Congress and Communists Tanks

Congress and Communist slide into the dustbin of history continues as the violent protests knock the bottom out of popular support. Each such trojan will polarise the injured Hindu into the BJP Camp. The scorched earth campaign shows the existentialist crisis in both regarding illegal immigrant muslim Votebank purportedly threatened  by CAA,

The real crisis for the Congress and Left is the NRC. Also the real target of these violent protests engineered to somehow stall or prevent it from going through. While nobody has seen the NRC Draft Bill, its ghost has started hounding both.

The passage of the NRC is imminent. Sooner or later it will be revealed, hopefully with better communication unlike the CAA. Go through it will for Modi and Shah will not fritter the majority mandate to achieve their political goals, communicated in the BJP Manifesto.

Expect more violence and muscular policing and arrests to minimise effects of this campaign. Expect arrests in both Congress and Communist leadership as Intelligence led operations expose the contours of this sinister campaign.

The support for this campaign will evaporate as those misled into false premise causes realise that they have been had under false premise and social engineering. Hopefully with minimal casualties and loss of public property.

The maximalist positions on social media that have led to many a unfriending and arguments will fade into embarrassing silence.

The media and the influencers too have learnt their lessons on manufactured unrest. One remains buoyant on the wisdom of the Hindus, as India is reclaimed by Bharat from McCaulays half breeds compromised by colonial slavery.

The CAA, NRC and UCC represent the impulse of a people to reverse demographic invasion and purge regressive Islamist culture and practices from the national identity. They also represent election promises of the BJP to its voters who brought it to such rare majority mandate in Indian politics. The muscular numbers mean easy passage of legislation in both Houses of Parliament.

The rise of Bharat from the ashes of colonial India must see a robust framework for Internal Security buttressed by reform on Immigration, Citizenship, Police and Intelligence. Both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have done that in this Government what was outstanding from the Independence of India in 1947.

The RSS often sullied by those compromised by their colonial upbringing has proven to be the nursery of leadership. It has done more for nationalism than all political movements in contemporary history both pre and post Independence and the unfortunate partition midwifed by Colonial Britain with ulterior motives and Hinduphobia.

Provincial political movements, caste, language and other fissures are today being filled over by a brutal globalisation. It is in this cauldron of competitive interests that someone has dared to attempt nation building and sovereignty. That is rare. That must be lauded for daring, for resourcefulness and for steel nerves.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Note to Students Misled into Congress Communist Propaganda on CAA

Note to students getting appropriated into bent political causes.

Don’t get misled by #Congress #Communist #Propaganda on #CAA.

The CAA has no consequence for any existing Indian #Citizen. Yes that includes #IndianMuslims too!

It applies only to #persecuted religious #minorities fleeing from neighbouring countries into India by supplying a framework for #naturalisation of these #oppressed people.

The fear among #illegalimmigrants including those from #Bangladesh and #Rohingya should be from #NRC and not CAA.

This is not a bad thing for they disturb #indigenous communities and people who have first right over taxpayers money and resources. They also brig regressive #misogyny and #Islamist #Sharia contagion.

Today #Assam has a 25% change in ethnic and religious character given this creeping #DemographicInvasion.

Please take the #bellyaching and #lazymoraloutrage in the West with a pinch of hypocrites colonial salt. It doesn’t add up when you see the regressive #immigration regimes and their racist, #religiousprofiling.

As a #sovereign country, India is well within its rights to who it grants citizenship. The #CitizenshipAmendmentAct is #legislation duly approved by both Houses of #Parliament.

Please don’t get appropriated by #dodgycauses. Save your beautiful idealism for worthy causes.

(A Former fiery, idealist, easily misled media secretary of Mandal Commission agitation AMCF in the DU of 90s)

Monday, 16 December 2019

As Modi Shah move India to Bharat, Congress Clones Stoke Communal Unrest

In a sense, the arson, destruction of public property and ensuing law enforcement action have highlighted the unfinished agenda of the religious partition of India and Pakistan.

Archaic views, political votebanks, societal fabric are all suddenly being probed for gravities of the bloody partition, colonial slavery first Mughal, the British, European. #Article370 Revocation, Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 #CAA , imminent National Register of Citizens #NRC and Universal Civil Code #UCC are the promises made by Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) RSS - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to the people.

As #India nee #Hindustan becomes #Bharat many who are enslaved by their Votebank and narrative are creating mayhem on the streets. Make no mistake, this is not a status quo #UnionGovernment. Many are finding out from Assam to Jamia about its iron fist in a velvet glove on #lawenforcement. It has massive support, numbers in both Houses of Parliament, and a sworn agenda for #reform #governance and #development.

#Dissent and #Opposition is great as is #FoE but #fakenews and #presstitutes are not. Those carrying water for political interests of #Congress and #Communist clones and combinations thereof are suddenly being called out. There are no free lunches in life!

Beware of the believer!

The Anatomy of Stillborn Congress Communist CAA NRC Campaign

The anatomy of a Protest in a democracy has a short half-life. The appetite for idealism fades very quickly as things start to catch f...